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Nimmi Kurian / OpenDemocracy  iconeWhy the ‘good’ refugee is a bad ideaNon-press
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30.04.18   41570 
France 24  iconeRetour symbolique d'une première famille de Rohingya en BirmanieIn the Press
fr / es / de 
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15.04.18   41507 
UNICEF  icone5 ways you can help end violence against girlsNon-press
fr / es / de 
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07.03.18   41432 
UNESCO Institute for Statistics  iconeOut-of-School Children Analysis
fr / es / de 
po / en
11.05.17   41178 
UNICEF  iconeThirsting for a future : water and children in a changing climateDocuments
fr / es / de 
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20.03.17   41050 
Les Observateurs - France 24  iconeFive 2016 projects to revive your faith in humanityDocuments
fr / es / de 
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28.12.16   40809 
Sarah Leduc / France 24  iconeBangladesh’s ‘Wedding buster’ takes on illegal child marriageIn the Press
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11.10.16   40388 
Sara Gustafson & Shahidur Khandker / IFPRI  iconeHow microfinance has reduced rural poverty in BangladeshNon-press
fr / es / de 
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20.09.16   40355 
Adair Turner / Project Syndicate  iconeWho Has Space for Renewables?Analysis
fr / es / de 
po / en
14.09.16   40311 
Martin Wagner, Noni Austin / Project Syndicate  iconeThe Death of World Heritage SitesAnalysis
fr / es / de 
po / en
22.07.16   40082 
Sean B. Carroll / Project Syndicate  iconeMission: Save the EnvironmentNon-press
fr / es / de 
po / en
15.07.16   40067 
Ali Riaz / Deutsche Welle  iconeA culture of impunity behind bloggers' killings in BangladeshNon-press
fr / es / de 
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28.04.16   39797 
ONU / UN  iconeBay of Bengal 'three times more deadly' than Mediterranean for migrants and refugees – UNNon-press
fr / es / de 
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23.02.16   39298 
L. Finch / Globalvoices  iconeFor Artists, the World Was a Canvas for Change in 2015
fr / es / de 
po / en
09.01.16   39098 
CETRI  iconeAu Bangladesh, des ouvrières rescapées du Rana Plaza créent leur propre coopérative textile
fr / es / de 
po / en
23.11.15   38800 
Deutsche Welle  iconeLiving Planet: A postcard to ParisIn the Press
fr / es / de 
po / en
05.11.15   38750 
OIT / ILO  iconeRana Plaza: Never againNon-press
fr / es / de 
po / en
23.04.15   38288 
GlobalVoices  iconeIn Bangladesh, a Mobile App Provides a Platform Where Women Can Feel Free to Talk In the Press
fr / es / de 
po / en
05.04.15   38219 
GlobalVoices  iconeBangladesh Has Formaldehyde to Thank for Its Short Supply of Mangoes This Season
fr / es / de 
po / en
30.07.14   37309 
World Bank / Banque mondiale  iconeWomen Empowered by Solar Energy in BangladeshDocuments
fr / es / de 
po / en
23.06.14   37031 
UNICEF  iconeEnding child marriage. Progress and prospectsDocuments
fr / es / de 
po / en
09.03.14   40987 
Fórum Social Mundial  iconeForum Social de l’Asie du Sud (18 - 22 novembre2011, Dhaka - Bengladesh)Non-press
fr / es / de 
po / en
18.11.11   34722 
Swissinfo  iconeChanging climate changing lives in BangladeshIn the Press
fr / es / de 
po / en
08.12.09   32718 
World Bank / Banque mondiale  iconeBangladesh: Who migrates overseas and is it worth their while?Non-press
fr / es / de 
po / en
26.08.09   32153 
IPS - Inter Press Service News Agency  iconeBanco mundial alimentario para responder a la crisisNon-press
fr / es / de 
po / en
08.10.08   30478 
BBC  iconeAfter partition: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh
fr / es / de 
po / en
08.08.07   27187 
Swissinfo  iconeBangladesh bankers to the poor win Nobel Peace PrizeIn the Press
fr / es / de 
po / en
13.10.06   24931 
BBC  icone Flooded future looms for BangladeshIn the Press
fr / es / de 
po / en
07.12.04   15805 
The Guardian  iconeTroubled waters for Bangladesh as India presses on with plan to divert major riversIn the Press
fr / es / de 
po / en
24.07.03   7543 
The Independent  iconeFrom the streets of San Francisco to the cities of Bangladesh, millions unite to voice their protestsIn the Press
fr / es / de 
po / en
21.03.03   6196 
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Why the ‘good’ refugee is a bad idea

Author : Nimmi Kurian / OpenDemocracy
There is something surreal about the photo-op of a smiling Rohingya refugee family heading back to conflict-torn Myanmar. In a similar case of mixed signals, Myanmar’s social welfare minister Win Myat Aye’s visit in April to the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh spoke a language of resettlement but its message was a deeply unsettling one.
He announced that his country would take back only those Rohingya refugees who could furnish a proof of residency in Myanmar. In the complex game of political signals all nations play, this was as clear a warning shot as any, of trouble ahead. But one wonders how many in the Indian policy establishment heard it at all, given its increasing tone-deafness to both nuance and subtext.

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