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Nwachukwu Egbunike, Rosebell Kagumire / Global Voices  iconeUgandans say #NoToSocialMediaTax because it exploits women, youth and the poor
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06.07.18   41774 
MSF - Médecins sans frontières  iconeOuganda : après avoir fui la RDC, les réfugiés font face à une épidémie de choléra
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28.02.18   41466 
Peter Singer / Project Syndicate  iconeTrump’s Unethical Aid CutsAnalysis
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11.07.17   41337 
Abdoulaye Bah / Globalvoices  iconeThis platform has helped thousands of migrants reconnect with their families back homeAnalysis
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14.05.17   41198 
Isabella Lövin, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala / Project Syndicate  iconeWomen in the Green EconomyAnalysis
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03.05.17   41151 
Le Monde  iconeLes chiffres alarmants de la famine en AfriqueIn the Press
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01.03.17   40997 
Euronews  iconeTraining for refugees in Uganda: a model if integrationDocuments
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17.11.16   40534 
Grit Hoffmann / Deutsche Welle  iconeApp from Uganda can detect breast cancerDocuments
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13.10.16   40401 
Tharanga Yakupitiyage / IPS  iconeWhat the Panama Papers Mean for Global DevelopmentAnalysis
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12.04.16   39654 
Le Monde  iconePortfolio sonore : portraits de femmes africaines courageusesDocuments
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25.02.16   39581 
World Bank / Banque mondiale  iconeBreaking the Gender Earnings GapAnalysis
fr / es / de 
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19.02.16   39314 
UNHCR  iconeActing out their trauma, refugees bond with Ugandan hostsNon-press
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18.02.16   39380 
UNHCR  iconeFighting in eastern DRC forces thousands to flee
fr / es / de 
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29.01.16   39213 
ONU / UN  iconeLe Fonds d'urgence de l'ONU affecte 100 millions de dollars à l'aide humanitaire dans neuf crises où le financement fait défautNon-press
fr / es / de 
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29.01.16   39183 
Human Rights Watch  iconeUganda: Homeless Children Face Violence, ExploitationNon-press
fr / es / de 
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17.07.14   37138 
Human Rights Watch  iconeUganda: Press homophobia raises fears of crackdownNon-press
fr / es / de 
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08.09.07   27364 
ONU / UN  iconeDarfur relief efforts near collapse due to fading international support: UN officialNon-press
fr / es / de 
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20.04.06   23167 
Swissinfo  iconeSuspenden ayuda a UgandaIn the Press
fr / es / de 
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24.08.05   20420 
BBC  iconeBush's Aids policy faces scrutinyIn the Press
fr / es / de 
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12.07.04   13105 
The Canadian Press  iconeUN Security Council condemns atrocities of Uganda's Lord's Resistance ArmyIn the Press
fr / es / de 
po / en
15.04.04   12287 
BBC  iconeUgandan business fears customs unionIn the Press
fr / es / de 
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13.02.04   11421 
Tagesschau  iconeUganda: Der endlose Terror der "Gottesarmee"In the Press
fr / es / de 
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29.11.03   10536 
BBC  iconeUganda's push for GMIn the Press
fr / es / de 
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12.09.03   8569 
BBC  iconeUganda é modelo de combate à Aids na ÁfricaIn the Press
fr / es / de 
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11.07.03   7331 
The Guardian  iconeDiscovery of immune group in Uganda raises Aids vaccine hopes In the Press
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20.05.03   6858 
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Ugandans say #NoToSocialMediaTax because it exploits women, youth and the poor

Author : Nwachukwu Egbunike, Rosebell Kagumire / Global Voices
On July 1, 2018, the Ugandan government started taxing citizens a fee of 200 Ugandan Shillings (USD $0.05) for using social media, raising substantial condemnation from Ugandans.
With Uganda's average GDP per capita at USD $604.00, daily use of social media or messaging apps could eat up three percent of the average Ugandan's annual earnings.

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