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Vera Šćepanović, Tom Junes / Open Democracy  iconeHow Montenegro could start World War IIINon-press
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30.07.18   41857 
Thierry Gauthé / Courrier International  iconeBalkans : une poudrière au cœur de l’EuropeDocuments
fr / es / de 
po / en
16.02.17   40903 
Reporters Sans Frontières  icone2016 Round-Up : Number of journalists detained worldwide continues to riseDocuments
fr / es / de 
po / en
09.12.16   40696 
Café Babel  iconeThe EU and the Balkans: "If the EU falls, it falls on us."In the Press
fr / es / de 
po / en
28.07.16   40131 
Thierry Garcin / France Culture  iconeEx-Yougoslavie : Les grands dossiers, 25 ans après le début de la guerre
fr / es / de 
po / en
18.02.16   39306 
Dorota Richard / IRIS  iconeLe Format « 16+1 » : la nouvelle coopération entre seize pays d’Europe centrale et orientale et la ChineAnalysis
fr / es / de 
po / en
08.02.16   39192 
Human Rights Watch  iconeWestern Balkans: Media Freedom Under ThreatAnalysis
fr / es / de 
po / en
15.07.15   38475 
Commission européenne  iconeEU and Montenegro in partnership to prepare the country for accessionNon-press
fr / es / de 
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21.11.14   37723 
UNDP (United Nations Development programme)  iconeMontenegro melts arms storesNon-press
fr / es / de 
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26.07.07   26976 
Le Soir  iconeLe Monténégro vote pro-européenIn the Press
fr / es / de 
po / en
11.09.06   24687 
La Libre Belgique  iconeIndépendance officielle du MonténégroIn the Press
fr / es / de 
po / en
03.06.06   23534 
Deutsche Welle  iconeEU Respects Montenegro's Vote for Independence from Serbia
fr / es / de 
po / en
19.05.06   23440 
International Herald Tribune  icone With referendum date set, Montenegro looks aheadIn the Press
fr / es / de 
po / en
03.03.06   22728 
Deutsche Welle  iconeHilfsorganisation warnt angesichts steigender Armut vor sozialen Problemen in Serbien-Montenegro
In the Press
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23.03.04   12038 
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How Montenegro could start World War III

Author : Vera Šćepanović, Tom Junes / Open Democracy
Reading the news following US president Donald Trump’s latest passage through Europe the message was clear: it had been a bad week for the international order.[...]
To top it off, Trump gave an interview to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in which he used the unlikely example of Montenegro to claim that NATO is not only a flimsy excuse for a military alliance, but downright dangerous to the US. “Montenegro is a tiny country with very strong people.”

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