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Calcutta Research Group  iconeBorders Of An Epidemic - COVID-19 And Migrant WorkersAnalysis
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15.04.20   41926 
Nimmi Kurian / OpenDemocracy  iconeWhy the ‘good’ refugee is a bad ideaNon-press
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30.04.18   41570 
Ammar Kalia / The Guardian  iconeThe daily commute: travel times to cities around the worldIn the Press
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11.01.18   41391 
Ranabir Samaddar / The Wire  iconeWhat the crisis in Venezuela tells us about Populism in today’s timeDocuments
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30.08.17   41349 
RFI - Radio France Internationale  iconeInde: les dalits restent des intouchablesAnalysis
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19.06.17   41281 
Immanuel Wallerstein / Immanuel Wallerstein blog / Mémoire des luttes  iconeIndia: The In-Between Great PowerAnalysis
fr / es / de 
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01.06.17   41311 
Pierre Prier / Orient XXI  iconeL’Inde, un géant hésitant au Proche-Orient
fr / es / de 
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26.05.17   41228 
UNESCO Institute for Statistics  iconeOut-of-School Children Analysis
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11.05.17   41178 
Deutsche Welle  iconeIndia: Elderly women learn to readNon-press
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05.05.17   41169 
Ranabir Samaddar / Catch  icone50 years of Naxalbari:
why the new milieu it spawned
is still relevant todayAnalysis
fr / es / de 
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27.04.17   41143 
Katie Dupere / Mashable  iconeIndia's 'School for Justice' teaches
human trafficking survivors to be lawyersNon-press
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13.04.17   41112 
Johannes Friedrich Johannes Friedrich, Mengpin Ge and Andrew Pickens / World Resources Institute  iconeThis Interactive Chart Explains
World’s Top 10 Emitters,
and How They’ve ChangedAnalysis
fr / es / de 
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11.04.17   41110 
Ranabir Samaddar / Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees  iconePower and Responsibility at the Margins:
The Case of India in the Global Refugee Regime
fr / es / de 
po / en
27.03.17   41038 
Oxfam international  iconeLegislative wins, broken promisesAnalysis
fr / es / de 
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08.03.17   40983 
The Guardian  iconeHow bad is Delhi's air? We strapped a monitor to a rickshaw to find outDocuments
fr / es / de 
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13.02.17   40898 
Freemuse - The World Forum on music and censorship  iconeTop 10 censoring countries in 2016Analysis
fr / es / de 
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07.02.17   40994 
The Indian Express  iconeMexico’s Via Verde shows path for Indian cities to tackle pollutionIn the Press
fr / es / de 
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17.01.17   41492 
Ritimo / CID MAHT  iconeLa place des femmes en Inde
fr / es / de 
po / en
16.01.17   40907 
Rucha Chitnis / Yes! Magazine / Alainet  iconeHow women-led movements are redefining power, from California to Nepal Analysis
fr / es / de 
po / en
08.12.16   40663 
Roberto Savio / Other News  iconeThe end of a cycle?Analysis
fr / es / de 
po / en
07.12.16   40666 
Nadia Djabali / Basta !  iconeEn Inde, une gigantesque base de données biométriques a déjà fiché plus d’un milliard d’habitants
fr / es / de 
po / en
05.12.16   40642 
Niall McCarthy / Statista  iconeThe world's most unequal countriesDocuments
fr / es / de 
po / en
24.11.16   40807 
Alexandre Marchand / AFP  iconeAs Delhi chokesDocuments
fr / es / de 
po / en
18.11.16   40587 
Deutsche Welle  iconeThe wives left behind by 'triple talaq' instant divorce
fr / es / de 
po / en
18.11.16   40576 
Hébert-Marc Gustave / Diploweb  iconeUn monde en quête de puissance ?Analysis
fr / es / de 
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09.11.16   40500  iconePays des BRICS: faits et chiffresDocuments
fr / es / de 
po / en
07.11.16   40594 
Laure Criqui / Métro Politiques  iconeNi droit ni obligation : les atermoiements de la régularisation urbaine à DelhiIn the Press
fr / es / de 
po / en
16.09.16   40473 
Adair Turner / Project Syndicate  iconeWho Has Space for Renewables?Analysis
fr / es / de 
po / en
14.09.16   40311 
Raphaël Godechot / Le Monde Diplomatique  iconeRiposte culturelle au CachemireIn the Press
fr / es / de 
po / en
01.09.16   40366 
Martin Wagner, Noni Austin / Project Syndicate  iconeThe Death of World Heritage SitesAnalysis
fr / es / de 
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22.07.16   40082 
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Borders Of An Epidemic - COVID-19 And Migrant Workers

Author : Calcutta Research Group
India is in a complete lock down mode. This online publication by the Calcutta Research Group is based on contemporary reflections by journalists, social scientists and social activists, legal practitioners, and thinkers, which highlight the ethical and political implications of the epidemic in India – particularly for India’s migrant workers. This book is written as the crisis unfolds with no end in sight. It is a tract of the time.

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