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Author : OMS / WHO
Recent intensive efforts to improve collection and reporting of data on tuberculosis (TB) are shedding new light on the epidemic, revealing that there are almost half a million more cases of the disease than previously estimated. WHO’s "Global Tuberculosis Report 2014", published today, shows that 9 million people developed TB in 2013, and 1.5 million died, including 360 000 people who were HIV positive.
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A European Union goal to cut greenhouse gases by 40% by 2030 sets the pace for a global deal to tackle climate change, pitting heavy industry against green business. Industry bosses said they faced big challenges to adapt, while greener firms said the EU had aimed too low to spur low-carbon investment and climate campaigners said concessions to polluters made it "a dirty thirty", not a 2030 deal. The 2030 targets will follow existing 2020 goals that the EU is on track to meet. Its emissions are already nearly 20% below the level in 1990, the international benchmark year.
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Women and girls abducted by the Islamist group Boko Haram are forced to marry, convert, and endure physical and psychological abuse, forced labor, and rape in captivity, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The group has abducted more than 500 women and girls since 2009, and intensified abductions since May 2013.
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Deportees, refugees, displaced population in huge and so far unheard of numbers are perhaps the emblematic and the most poignant picture of our times. Nowadays it has become arduous if not impossible to distinguish between political and economic refugees, although international conventions still try to maintain the difference in order to fence off a part of the pressure of this destitute and growing crowd. War refugees, refugees from massacres and genocides as well as escapees from violently partitioned countries are the biggest and the most tragic segment of transborder migrations.
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Each year, approximately one million tourists visit the island nation Maldives for its sunny warm weather and stunning natural beauty. But there's an ugly consequence of all those visitors, along with the Maldives’ own 395,000 residents: the combined trash accumulated is a headache for the small country.
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C'est une thèse répandue où se multiplient les images de migrants se pressant à Calais et dans les Alpes-Maritimes : la France serait « envahie » par ces populations, chassées d'Afrique ou du Maghreb par la misère ou les troubles politiques et sociaux. Voilà pour le cliché. Pourtant, les chiffres récents des autorités françaises et de leurs homologues européennes dessinent un autre paysage, où la France n'est pas la première terre d'accueil des migrants. Il est complexe, par définition, de mesurer l'immigration clandestine. Les chiffres les plus fantaisistes circulent : 200 000 personnes, voire 400 000 ?
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Norilsk: Russia's most polluted city. Interview with photographer Elena Chernyshova

Author : The Moscow Times
Elena Chernyshova, a Russian documentary photographer, spent seven months over the course of a year in Russia’s most polluted city, Norilsk. Her project, "Days of Night – Nights of Day," documents the unique lifestyle of Norilsk residents living in the isolated industrial city deep in Siberia.
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Are boys better than girls?

Author : The Guardian
Seven young women from across the world share their hopes and dreams for the future. The result is a fascinating snapshot of what it is like to be a 13-year-old girl in today's world. Among the voices we hear are Assia in Kigali, Rwanda, who takes us around her family's banana plantation, and Ana in Peru, who finds the time to look after her ill mother and attend school, two hours away from home.
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