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Kellogg's new commitments add momentum to calls on governments and the wider food and agriculture industry to recognize that climate change is real, it's happening now, and we need to tackle it.
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In September this year, Transnistria, the separatist region located in the Eastern part of Moldova, is set to celebrate the 24th anniversary of its de-facto independence. And yet there is little scope for celebrations – as only the contested states of Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh and South Ossetia recognise its independence. As minister Sergey Lavrov recently declared in an interview for Bloomberg TV, Russia is officially "in favor of a settlement which would respect territorial integrity and sovereignty of Moldova”.
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La diversité culturelle reste au cœur du débat entre ses défenseurs peu audibles en période de chômage de masse, et ses opposants qui hiérarchisent les civilisations, les cultures entre elles, revendiquant la supériorité symbolique du français de souche. La réception de ce double discours par les minorités ethnoraciales rend plus complexe le processus d'intégration et d'allégeance à la nation.
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One after the other, every country sees itself going back into stagflation. Growth slows dangerously, inflation rises. Authorities, governments and central banks get anxious. Commentators tear each other apart to know if it is better to fight against inflation or the slowdown. But what is happening? Why does everything everywhere seem to go wrong? The fashion of the new economy was in full swing, its ardent supporters even talked of a ‘new paradigm', a sort of new golden age propelled by the information technology revolution. ...
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The recent appointment of Jean Claude-Juncker as the new President of the European Commission did not go down well with British Prime Minister David Cameron. In leaked comments, Cameron is even said to have warned German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Juncker's appointment would represent an unacceptable increase in power for the EU's institutions, which could make a British exit from the EU more likely
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The decision issued by the Trial Chamber of the ECCC represents an important step against the impunity of former Khmer Rouge high-ranking officials. It is also a positive message for younger generations that these crimes cannot go unpunished
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La Joconde est toujours le portrait le plus admiré du monde. Mais peut-être plus pour longtemps.

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1000 ans d'évolution des frontières en Europe

Author : Positivr
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La charia, loi morale ou code juridique? avec Baudouin Dupret

Author : France Culture
"La charia : des sources à la pratique, un concept pluriel" de Baudouin Dupret, Ed. La Découverte 2014

Invité(s) :
Baudouin Dupret, directeur du centre Jacques-Berque à Rabat (Maroc), directeur de recherche au CNRS.

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