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The region of Xinjiang, where ethnic tensions between China's majority Han Chinese and minority Uyghur Muslims have at times erupted into violence, has been a sensitive topic across Chinese social media ever since riots shook the regional capital Urumqi back in the summer of 2009.

Recently, a new song titled “What Has Xinjiang Done to You?” has broken the silence and triggered discussion about stereotypes and inter-cultural misunderstandings on China's Twitter-like Weibo platform. The song is written by Liu Shuang (Weibo screen name: “Call me Mr. Leon”)
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According to Ghassan Al-Attiyah, Iraq's political elite failed to develop an interdenominational understanding of the state after the end of the Baath dictatorship. Mulham Al-Malaika spoke to the renowned Iraqi political scientist about the country's future and the fight against IS.
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In June 2014, Jim Strong and Allen Grolla, laboratory scientists from the Public Health Agency of Canada, were deployed through the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN) to work with WHO in Guinea and Sierra Leone.
"Nobody really predicted the fact that the outbreak was already widespread and that we were well behind the curve. Anxiety levels really started to escalate in late June and July, however, when it became apparent that there were many cases in Liberia and Sierra Leone."
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Les processus de globalisation affectent et entrelacent les relations et les institutions économiques, sociales, politiques et culturelles dans les champs international, national et local, devenant ainsi source de conflits.

Les asymétries que la globalisation produit affectent l’immense majorité des habitants des pays périphériques et un nombre important d'habitants des pays développés du nord. Elles produisent des réactions, parfois violentes, de mouvements sociaux ou ...
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A new United Nations ‘Free & Equal’ campaign video highlighting the diversity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community is being shown today on the massive screens in New York’s Times Square ahead of International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia.
The Day, marked Sunday, 17 May in countries around the world, this year focuses on the plight faced by young people in the LGBTI community. The two-and-a-half-minute video played on the giant Reuters and NASDAQ screens in Times Square focuses on the contributions this community makes to families and local communities around the world.
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Throughout the Ukraine crisis, the West has been surprised at the brutality of Russia's reaction. It has also been surprised by the broad support for Vladimir Putin's policy among the country’s elites and the population at large (88% of whom back the policy), despite the impact of sanctions and countermeasures that are contributing to the deterioration of the country's economy. This level of support cannot be attributed solely to Russia's propaganda machine, though it has been exerting unprecedented influence since early 2014.
Russia is using its discourse on the West's behavior as a tool with which to justify the tightening of its foreign policy. While this is undoubtedly a factor, it conceals three profound changes in Russia and in the nature of its political regime that have led to a tougher policy: an extreme concentration of power at the highest level, a failure to diversify the economy and modernize post-Soviet Russia, and the destabilization of society.
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Infographic: 77% Of The World's IDPs Live In Just 10 Countries | Statista

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Djibouti refugees: a confluence of the desperate

Author : Euronews

Djibouti has long been a transit point for migrants on the move from Africa to the Arabian Peninsula and beyond. Since the intensification of fighting in Yemen it has also become a destination for people fleeing the conflict there.
This small nation on the Horn of Africa is now a confluence of streams of refugees coming from opposite directions, desperately trying to escape violence, poverty and hopelessness. Yet, as the numbers grow, Djibouti is struggling to cope. It is powerless to stem the human tide and is seeking assistance from the international community.
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Situation toujours tendue au Burundi

Author : Eric Topona / Deutsche Welle
Les opposants à une troisième candidature du président sortant ont bravé l'interdiction de manifester et sont de nouveau descendus ce lundi dans les rues de Bujumbura. Et pour la première fois, des unités de l'armée burundaise ont laissé transparaître leur division, devant les manifestants. image</u>
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