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Edwin Chota was killed in the forest he had fought to protect. The Peruvian environmental activist had appealed to his government for help after receiving death threats from the illegal loggers that plagued the area around his village, deep in the Amazon rainforest. Chota’s death is a reminder of the price that local activists in some of the world’s most remote areas are paying as they fight to defend their communities from exploitation and industrialization. Global demand for natural resources is growing, and indigenous people are receiving little protection from those who would destroy their land, forests, and rivers.
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The report, Aiming Higher: Policies to Get Immigrants into Middle-Skilled Work in Europe, shows that while some countries have made sizeable investments in labour market integration policies over the past decade, they have focused primarily on getting immigrants into work. As a result, these policies have struggled to facilitate career progression over time.
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Russian and local authorities have severely curtailed human rights protections in Crimea since Russia began its occupation of the peninsula in February 2014. The report, based on recent, on-the-ground research in Crimea, describes the human rights consequences of the extension of Russian law and policy to Crimea since the occupation. Russia has violated multiple obligations it has as an occupying power under international humanitarian law – in particular in relation to the protection of civilians’ rights, Human Rights Watch found.
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Sustainable ethno-development is based on intercultural respect as well as on the rights of all native peoples of the world to autonomy and self-organization against National States and the global market. The concept combines two main ideas – Culture and the Market – and such a combination must be reflected upon in a cultural perspective : What are the traditional modes of production and traditionally made products that native communities can offer to the market without reversing this relation, in other words, without the market's deciding what should be produced and how?
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While the world is spellbound by the atrocities perpetrated by the organisation "Islamic State" in Iraq and Syria, the killing in another region of the world goes on unremarked. The daily lives of people in Afghanistan and Pakistan are affected less by the murders committed by bearded extremists than by unmanned killing machines.
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The opening session of World Forum for Democracy was an inaugural lecture by social theorist and economist Jeremy Rifkin, who emphasized the importance of information technology today, speculating that a new world could emerge from the “third industrial revolution”: a digital, fully interconnected global economy. A new global economy, connected as one single unit, which Rifkin described as “the only hope for reducing the ecological footprint of the human race”.
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Deadly Virus - How Can We Stop Ebola? In the Interview: Walter Lindner - German Coordinator for Ebola

Author : Deutsche Welle
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Colombie: la justice traditionnelle des Amérindiens

Author : RFI - Radio France Internationale
L'application en Colombie de la justice traditionnelle par les Amérindiens Nasa a suscité des interrogations. Ce système ne permet pas la tenue d'un procès juste et équitable que requièrent les normes internationales. Mais les communautés indigènes sont fatiguées de l'impunité des crimes commis contre leur population.
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