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Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of UNAIDS: “Smarter scale-up is needed to close the gap between people who know their HIV status and people who don't, people who can get services and people who can't and people who are protected and people who are punished.”
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Dans son livre récent sur son expérience de Secrétaire d'État durant le premier mandat de Barack Obama (2008-2012), intitulé Le Temps des décisions [1], Hillary Clinton écrit ceci à propos de Cuba : « La fin de mon mandat approchant, j'ai demandé au président Obama de reconsidérer notre embargo. Il ne remplissait pas sa fonction et entravait nos projets en Amérique Latine. »
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Leading up to the World Cup in Brazil, with sounds of gunfire in the background forbidden funk rappers continued to talk about what the government wants to hide: extreme violence, social segregation and racism in the favelas.
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Biopiracy is understood as the unauthorized use of the genetic resources and the indigenous knowledge of communities by others who have neither taken permission from the communities nor entered into any kind of contract with them. Biopiracy is not a new phenomenon. The plunder of biological wealth from the biodiversity rich southern countries was a hallmark of colonial time.
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The European Parliament called for stronger measures to fight unemployment among young people, including common minimum standards for apprenticeships and decent wages, in a resolution passed on Thursday. EU funding of employment-related programmes should also be increased in future budgets, it added.
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The increased targeting of civilians and civilian objects in Israel‘s military operation in the Gaza Strip, dubbed “Operation Protective Edge” is unacceptable. The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN) and FIDH call on the EU to condemn the wilful targeting and killing of civilians and to ensure that all parties abide by their obligations under international law.
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A little more than 10 years after Apple opened the iTunes Music Store and shook the music industry, it appears as if music downloads are about to suffer the same fate that many other forms of music distribution have suffered. After global download revenues declined for the first time in 2013, the negative trend appears to continue in 2014. According to Nielsen's mid-year music report, music downloads in the U.S. suffered double-digit declines in the first six months of this year, as music consumption continues to shift towards streaming.

Infographic: Streaming Boom Stifles Music Downloads | Statista

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L'art et la culture à Detroit

Author : Arte
Ville symbole de l'industrie automobile, icône des luttes sociales et syndicales, la ville de Detroit est aujourd'hui dans l'impasse. Son déclin, amorcée dès les années 50, en fait aujourd'hui la figure tutélaire de la crise économique américaine depuis qu'elle s'est déclarée en faillite à la fin de l'année 2013. Du chaos naît aussi le renouveau. La principale ville du Michigan ne cesse depuis d'inspirer les artistes. Qu'ils soient réalisateurs, photographes, street-artistes ou musiciens, les ruines de Detroit sont devenues matière à création dont ARTE Journal vous propose un aperçu.
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Press freedom vital to economic development, expert says

Author : Deutsche Welle
Media advocates hope that press freedom will become a part of new global development goals, which are currently being drafted. But Reporters Without Borders now fears that the commitment to freedom of expression is being watered down in the discussions. The organization has called on the German government to push for a clear commitment to press freedom in the post 2015 agenda.
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