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Why this Website about Globalisations?

Author :  GERM

« Globalisation » and « Globalisations » :

The concept of « Globalisation » refers to a process which extends the principles of market economy to the whole world. But it merely takes into account the economic side of a more complex movement. The concept of « Globalisations » (plural) focuses, on the contrary, on the diversity and singularity of the different Globalisation processes on-going in all fields of human activity.

How do we define "Globalisations" ?
« Globalisations » refers to all cultural, social, economic and political processes which are “globalised”, meaning: i) circulated at world scale, despite of national, geographic, technological and linguistic barriers ; ii) offering to men from every origin, country or culture: comparable ideas, contents, services and products ; and, finally: iii) able to produce a global impact on human activities, whatever they might be.

Why a Website about Globalisations?
First of all, because, in order to understand the many stakes, figures and features of former and on-going Globalisations, as well as projected ones, the Web looks as the most efficient globalised and globalising media, with nearly unlimited database capacities and multilingual circulation.
That is the reason why, since 2001 the GERM has conceived, developed and published online a major database allowing (through the Website internal search engine) any guest using its resources the opportunity to better understand Globalisations he has to deal with daily.
The Website is thus conceived as a training and self-training tool, dedicated to professional, pedagogical or merely personal use.

How are conceived its supply and architecture ?
With the objective of facilitating daily and in-depth follow-ups of « The news of Globalisations », sections devoted to on-going Globalisations and related issues (such as Cultural diversity, Education, Sustainable development, European Union…) do include articles and papers written by members of the GERM, but also other sources as official statements, public documents and articles selected through an international press review.
Finally, to written contents we have added audio, video and photo documents, as well as analysis tools: charts, maps and statistical background.

Enjoy a fine trip !

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