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Date :  2012-07-22
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XIX International AIDS Conference (22-27 July 2012, Washington, D.C.-USA)

Author :  ONUSIDA / UN Aids

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The XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) is occurring at a time when the scale-up of HIV programmes has begun to impact the spread of HIV. However, financial challenges are threatening these gains. AIDS 2012 is an opportunity for stakeholders to bring together their expertise to enable effective national responses.

UNESCO’s delegation to the Conference will be working to highlight the critical role of education as part of the response to HIV. It represents a critical opportunity to advocate for education through UNESCO-led and education sector activities.

UNESCO will conduct presentations, workshops, and complementary sessions to highlight the critical role of education in the HIV response. These include youth-friendly services, mobilizing young key populations, and evidenced-based planning for sexuality education. UNESCO-led workshops are highly participatory and interactive, combining medical, educational and rights-based paradigms to assess the central issues. UNESCO will also showcase its innovative planning tool, the Sexuality Education Review and Analysis Tool (SERAT), developed to analyse sexuality education programmes in depth.

Details :

Type of Event : Meeting by Member States or Institutions

Start : 22.07.2012 09:00 local time

End : 27.07.2012 17:00 local time

Focal point : Pulizzi, Scott

Organizer : AIDS 2012

Contact : Mr Scott Pulizzi,

Country : United States of America

City : Washington, D.C.

Venue : Washington, D.C., USA

Language of Event : English

Estimated number of participants : 20000

Official Website : XIX International AIDS Conference

Link 1 : UNESCO's Response to HIV and AIDS

Link 2 : Flying the flag for HIV and AIDS education

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