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Date :  2005-03-02
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Sloterdijk, Peter

Writer and philosopher

Author :  Rigaud, Peter

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© 2004 Peter Rigaud

Peter Sloterdijk (born June 26, 1947 in Karlsruhe, Germany) is a philosopher. He studied philosophy, Germanistics and history at the University of Munich. In 1975 he got his Ph.D. from the University of Hamburg. From 1980 on he published many essays, such as the Critique of Cynical Reason (1983). He was awarded the Ernst-Robert-Curtius literature prize in 1993. From 1998 on, he began writing his trilogy entitled Sphères. His has taught in Paris, Zurich and New York and has been co-presenting the literature and philosophy television programme “Glashaus: Philosophisches Quartett” on ZDF since 2002 (along with Rüdiger Safranski). In 2001 he was appointed president of the Karlsruhe State Academy of Design. In 2005, he was awarded the Sigmund-Freud-Award for Scientific Prose by the German Academy for Language and Poetry.

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