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Date :  2017-06-21
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World Population Prospects: 2017 Revision

On 21 June, the Population Division released the twenty-fifth round of official United Nations population estimates and projections, which have been prepared since 1951 by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat. The 2017 Revision provides a comprehensive set of demographic data and indicators to assess population trends at the global, regional and national levels and to calculate other key indicators for monitoring progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals. The 2017 Revision builds on previous revisions by incorporating additional results from the 2010 and 2020 rounds of national population censuses as well as findings from recent specialized sample surveys from around the world. The main results, presented in a series of Excel files displaying key demographic indicators for each development group, income group, region, sub-region and country for selected periods or dates within 1950-2100, are all available online, and accompanied by other materials as well.

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