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Date :  2016-07-23
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Zygmunt Bauman: Behind the world's "crisis of humanity"

Author :  Al Jazeera

In Western Europe it has been a summer of great change and discontent.

The European Union is facing major upheaval as the United Kingdom gets ready to withdraw its membership and in the process possibly jeopardising the composition of the country itself.

In fact, under the surface, people across Europe seem to be on edge. As European nations deal with migration and various economic uncertainties, the political landscape is changing, and a feeling that old social structures are being replaced or challenged is widespread.

It's the same for the United States where the race for the White House is anything but ordinary. Political rhetoric this year is tougher and there's a feeling the country is seriously divided on race and economic prosperity.

What has brought us to this situation? And what are the possible scenarios going forward?

One of the most prominent philosophers of our time is Zygmunt Bauman.

Born in Poland 90 years ago, he has thought and written extensively about the modern era, and what it is doing to us, coining the phrase, "liquid fear" - a tangible feeling of anxiety that has only vague contours but is still acutely present everywhere.

We sit down with Zygmunt Bauman on Talk to Al Jazeera and take a step back to discuss what is happening in the world.

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