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Date :  2016-04-13
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The most expensive m2 of prime property in the world

So, you've got one million dollars burning a hole in your pocket and you're looking to put a luxury roof over your head? This infographic based on data from Knight Frank gives you an idea of where you'll get the most space for your Damien Hirst collection and that rare first edition vinyl you just picked up at auction.

Those determined on moving to Monaco will probably have to make some concessions. One million dollars will have you living in just 17 square metres. More spacious options would be LA at 65, Tokyo at 83 or a truly roomy 255 in Cape Town.

This chart also featured on City Metric.

This infographic shows the number of square metres of prime property 1 million US dollars will buy you in selected cities around the world.

Infographic: The most expensive m2 of prime property in the world | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

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