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Date :  2013-10-27
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Mexico Peace Index

Author :  Vision of Humanity

The Mexico Peace Index explores the fabric of peace index Mexico's 32 states over the last decade. Check out the interactive map and download the report here:

Of all the countries in the world Mexico has the greatest potential to improve its levels of peace, as the strength of its attitudes, institutions and structures far exceed its current levels of peace.

The 2013 Mexico Peace Index explores the fabric of peace in Mexico's 32 states and identifies the key opportunities for pursuing a more peaceful society.

It is no surprise that the recent high levels of violence in Mexico have been caused by the drug war, which has had a devastating impact with the homicide rate increasing by 37%, and as many as 95% of homicides going unpunished in some states.

These findings reflect an overwhelmed and consequently inefficient justice system, which has contributed to Mexico having one of the highest perceived corruption rates in the world- with 90% of people believing that the police and other government offices are corrupt.

Last year, violence cost Mexico an estimated 4.4 trillion pesos -- that's over 27 per cent of Mexico's GDP-- which is double the level of government funding provided to health and education.

The areas in Mexico that have not been impacted by the drug war have become increasingly more peaceful and economically prosperous.

The good news is that over the last two years Mexico has improved its overall peace score by 7.4 per cent with states like Campeche, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Yucatan and Queretaro leading the way.

If all the states in Mexico were as peaceful as Campeche the most peaceful Mexican state, Mexico would benefit from 2.26 trillion pesos. That's equivalent to the amount required to pay each Mexican citizen living below the poverty line the minimum wage for two years.

Mexico's extraordinary potential for peace is based on the strength of key positive peace pillars, with relatively high levels of health and education and a sound business environment.

In order to realize its full peace potential, Mexico needs to combat corruption and improve on its levels of governance -- in particular the justice system. This would not only make Mexico more peaceful, but also more prosperous.

To find out more visit Vision of Humanity dot org and explore the interactive Mexico Peace Index map.

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