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Date :  2013-09-06
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President Obama: Don’t Repeat in Syria the Tragic Error of Irak

For years –with the terrible outcome of the unlawful invasion of Iraq in my memory and heart, and later given the obscene spectacle of Gaddafi’s assassination– I have continuously insisted that a re-founding of the United Nations it is both indispensable and urgent. Another attack, without awaiting the report of the UN’s inspectors –as was the case in Iraq with the concocted lie suggesting that Saddam Hussein’s regime possessed “weapons of mass destruction”- would once again constitute a blood-stained affront to the United Nations’ jurisdiction.

“There is only one emergency exit: a re-united United Nations!”, I insisted a few days later. And on February 13, 2012: “Syria? The Only Solution: a Unanimously-supported United Nations”. I then proposed a “re-founding” of the United Nations in two stages: an immediate one in which the General Assembly would unanimously appoint a spokesperson to establish the appropriate contacts with the al-Assad government to reach the pertinent agreements, thanks to the immense authority with which he would be vested. In a second stage a General Assembly would be constituted with 50% of its representatives from member states and the other 50% comprising representatives drawn from civil society. In other respects, the present Security Council, in which there would be weighted votes but no veto powers, would be joined by a Socio-economic Security Council and an Environmental Security Council.

The Western countries –due to global ambitions for hegemony that promoted plutocracy and the markets- has lost its authority and legitimacy. It lacks political and moral leadership. Europe, frightened, intimidated, with a security system dependent on others, obsessed with risk premiums and ambiguous “economic upturns”, hasn’t known how to play the “major role that it should in the recent crises, confrontations and upheavals” (August 24, 2013).

President Obama: take action with the United Nations. Only you, with the actual and virtual participation of the peoples, can repeat in your second mandate the achievements of President Roosevelt… but this time taking into account the people, the peoples.

Don’t intervene without information from United Nations –and not from other discredited intelligence channels- indicating those who are responsible for this conflict. And don’t intervene without the approval of the Security Council. It would be a great deception and another act of irresponsibility to attack Syria with missiles launched from aircraft carriers to demonstrate to its government the strength of the West while ignoring the “collateral effects” –that have never worried the “great lobby”- and without really knowing who that will benefit (because so little is known about the “opposition” and what is known isn’t to be trusted).

Before shooting, Mr. President, look at who is urging you to pull that trigger. Think of the “people” on both sides. And don’t do it. President Obama: today you have the opportunity to prompt a significant turning-point from oligarchy to democracy, from a culture of dominance, imposition and violence to a culture of conciliation, alliance and peace. From force to words.

Take advantage of it.


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