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Call for papers: International conference "Globalization of Culture" (17-18 October 2008, Dubrovnik - Croatia)

Deadline for submitting application and paper proposals: June 20th 2008

Political Science Research Centre (PSRC)and Scientific Forum are organizing the 6th International Conference as a part of PSRC FORUM as a Global Scientific Network. Political Science Research Centre is the only specialized private research centre for globalization in Croatia. Scientific Forum is a nongovermental organization.

The idea of this project is to create global scientific network in the field of social sciences. The main goal of network is to produce new knowledge and understandings using information technologies and Internet. The network is consisted of the scientists from worldwide, members of PSRC Forum. They participate in the PSRC Forum activities and contribute with scientific papers and analysis.

All papers will be published in a Volume which will be accessible in an online bookstore on PSRC web portal and as a print book. More details about PSRC Forum may be found at the web address:

The main objective of the 6th International Conference of PSRC Forum "Globalization of Culture" is to provide understandings of theoretical and practical aspects of Globalization of Culture. By initiating a multidisciplinary discussion from different points of view conference will ensure the broad scientific insights of these phenomena.

Plenary speaker:

We are pleased to announce prof. dr. sc. Roland Robertson from The University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK as a Plenary speaker at the conference. In his lecture prof. Robertson will introduce and cover the central themes in the globalization of culture in relation to global culture and the culture of globalization, and he will say more about his concept of glocalization.

List of specific topics as a guideline for paper thesis and discussions is presented below:

- Culture in the Context of Global Social Change at the end of 20 th Century and the beginning of 21th Century
- Second Modernization and the Impact on Local Cultures
- New Information Technologies and Globalization of Culture
- Globalization of Culture as a part of Economic Globalization
- Culture and Media Corporations as Actors of Globalization of Culture
- Mass Global Culture –Towards Diminishing Cultural Differences
- Globalization of Culture and the Values Changes
- National, Global, Cosmopolitan and Universal Elements in Culture
- Pluralism of Cultures and Global Identities in Global Age
- Conflict or Cooperation of Cultures on Global Level?
- Does Globalization of Culture mean Westernization and Americanization?
- McDonaldization as a step toward Diminishing of Cultural Differences
- Globalization, Cultural Diversities and Cultural Unification of the World
- Anglization as a Form of Language Globalization
- Extinction of Small Languages as an Outcome of Cultural Globalization
- Confronting Traditional and National Cultures with the Challenges of Globalization of Culture
- Globalization of Culture as a Hyper-culturalization
- Islam and Fundamentalism Responses to Globalization of Culture
- Populism, Right Radicalism and Resistance to Globalization of Culture
- Radical Cultural Protectionism Against Globalization of Culture
- Cultural Dimension of Xenophobia as a Response to Globalization of Culture
- Antiglobal Movements and Globalization of Culture
- Globalization of Culture in the Context of New "Cultural Imperialism"
- Relation between Center and Periphery in the Context of Globalization of Culture
- The Role of Global Media in the Globalization of Culture
- Entertainment Industry as a Result of Globalization of Culture
- Cultural Politics and Strategies as a Response to Cultural Globalization
- EU’s Cultural Politics and Globalization of Culture
- Croatian Cultural Identity in the EU
- Indicators of Cultural Globalization in Particular Countries

Please note that these are the topics,which are going to be discussed during the Conference. Nevertheless, we will also accept all other paper thesis related to the main issue of the Conference.

- Call for Papers

- Paper Proposal

- Application Form

For any further information please contact:

Ms.Lana Kosovac, Marketing and Public Relation Manager
Political Science Research Centre - Scientific Forum (Zagreb, Croatia)
Tel/Fax: +385 1 3863 113

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