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Date :  2005-03-15
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Chavez, Hugo

President of Venezuela

Author :  GERM

Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías (born July 28, 1954) is the President of Venezuela. A former paratroop colonel, he was elected in 1999. During his presidency, Venezuela has seen sweeping changes throughout the country, including a new constitution, many new social programs, and a new, self-proclaimed anti-imperial foreign policy. Chávez and his administration have been met with hostility from some established sectors in Venezuela, like the business federation Fedecámaras and union federation CTV, resulting in a coup d'état, general strike/lockout, and recall referendum, all of which failed to remove him for office. Chávez and his allies have made consistent electoral progress, occupying the vast majority of elected municipal, state, and national posts.
Elections for the new, unicameral legislature were held in July 2000. During the same election, Chávez stood for re-election. Chávez supporters won roughly 60% of the seats in the new unicameral assembly and Chavez himself was reelected.

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