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Date :  2005-02-23
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Einaudi, Luigi R.

Ex-Acting Secretary General of the OAS (Organization of American States)

Author :  OAS / OEA

Luigi R. Einaudi assumed the post of Acting Secretary General in October 2004 upon the resignation of Secretary General Miguel Angel Rodríguez, until may 2005. He had served as Assistant Secretary General since his election to a five year term in June 2000, by a 27-7 vote of the Member States at the 30th regular session of the OAS General Assembly, held in Windsor, Canada.
As Assistant Secretary General, Ambassador Einaudi served as Secretary to the political bodies and carried out diplomatic efforts to reduce tensions in several countries. He helped broker talks related to the maritime and territorial differences in Central America – between Belize and Guatemala, as well as Honduras and Nicaragua – and has supported demarcation of the El Salvador-Honduras border. He has also worked tirelessly to find a solution to the political crisis in Haiti. Ambassador Einaudi received awards from Presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, as well as Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright.
Luigi Einaudi earned A.B. (1957) and Ph.D. (1966) degrees at Harvard University.

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