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Gorbachev, Mikhail

Former President of the Soviet Union

Born in Priwolnoje near Stawropol, on 2 April 1931, Gorbachev joined 1952 with 21 years the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (KPdSU). 1966 when he was 35 years old, he graduated as a business economist for agriculture at the agricultural institute. He became first secretary for agriculture in 1970. One year later he became a member of the central committee. In 1972 Gorbachev guided the soviet delegation to Belgium. In the following years he became representative for highest soviets and the president of the constant commission for youth politics. Due to his position in the party he was allowed to travel abroad into the west, which influenced his political and social opinions strongly. After the death of Konstantin Tschernenko, Gorbachev was elected the 11 march 1985 and became the youngest general secretary of the communist party. At this time he was 54 years old. 1988 Gorbachev announced the give-up of the Breschnew-Doctrine by the Soviet Union . He allowed the Eastern European countries to implement the democracy. The new liberty resulted 1989 in mainly peaceful revolutions in Eastern Europe. This finished the Cold War and permitted the German Unification, in which Gorbachev as well as Helmut Kohl, George H. Bush, and François Mitterrand were significantly involved. 1990 Gorbachev received for this achievement the Nobel Price for Peace. He abdicated as the president of the Soviet Union in 1991.

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