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Bernard, François de

Author :  GERM

François de Bernard is the president and co-founder of the GERM (Group for Study and Research on Globalization -, a cross-disciplinary association created in 1999. Doctor and accredited to supervise research ("HDR") in philosophy of the University of Paris 8 – Saint-Denis, he has been working as a consultant since 1991 for international organizations, governments and local authorities (diagnosing and programming) and has been specializing in cultural and digital industries. Formerly, he has assumed various assignments in the banking, company management, audiovisual and advisory services sectors. He has published several essays and novels among which La Cité du Chômage (The City of Unemployment, 1997), L’Emblème démocratique (The Democratic Emblem, 1998), La pauvreté durable (The sustainable Poverty) followed with Le Gouvernement de la pauvreté (The Government of Poverty, 2003), La Fabrique du terrorisme (2008), L'Homme post-numérique (2015). He has also conducted collective publications such as Le Dictionnaire critique des mondialisations (Critical dictionary of globalisations, 2002 paper, and online), Déclaration universelle de l’UNESCO sur la diversité culturelle – Commentaires et propositions (Universal declaration of the UNESCO on cultural diversity – Comments and proposals, 2003 and 2005) or Europe, diversité culturelle et mondialisations (Europe, cultural diversity and globalisations, 2005). Francois de Bernard is the Chief Editor of the Website


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