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Date :  2006-12-30
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The Project

Author :  GERM

The Critical dictionary of globalisations (presently about 250 multilingual entries, up to 500 planned for 2008), which has been specially developed by the GERM for its publics, is available on this Website. By 2008, it will be also be made available in a printed version, translated in all the working languages of the GERM: Spanish, Portuguese, English, German and French (a first volume in French was already published by Editions Le Pré aux Clercs in Paris in 2002).

Written by an international and intercultural editorial committee composed of about 100 members of the GERM originating from about 70 countries (200 authors planned for 2008), who confront their disciplinary approaches, it is a self-training introductive tool to the world of on-going globalisations and to a shared understanding of its peculiarities, new constraints, limits and mobile marks.

All visitors of this Website are kindly requested to submit their new entries proposals to our editorial committee (e-mail:

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